Snoremeds Mouthpiece Review: Not The Worst Option!

snoremedstmIf you snore, you’ve probably wondered how you can make it stop. Maybe you snore loudly enough that you wake yourself up in the middle of the night. Or perhaps you’ve been rudely awakened by a sharp elbow stabbing you in the ribs in desperation to make the noise stop. Either way, snoring isn’t fun for either the snorer or the one who has to listen to it.

There are several ways to help alleviate yourself of the snoring habit you have fallen into. You could purchase nasal strips which are sort of lick bandages that lift your nostrils open in an attempt to allow airflow. These are probably useful if you’ve got a cold, but maybe not so much with snoring.

Contrary to popular belief, people don’t snore just because their noses are plugged. Sure, that can contribute to it, but it’s not the main cause. When people sleep they are relaxed and relaxed people have relaxed muscles. One of the strongest muscles in your body is your tongue. When you sleep heavily your tongue can relax and fall into the back of your throat. This will block your airway which can cause the snoring.

One of the more useful methods for stopping snoring is using a mouthpiece designed to do just that. The SnoremedsTM Mouthpiece is a piece of FDA approved hyperallergenic thermoplastic which is BPA and latex free. If you’ve got an allergy to latex like many people do, this is the mouthpiece you’ll want to look into. Because it’s made with a mouldable plastic it’s easier to customize so that it fits your mouth perfectly. By boiling water and using the supplied spatula you can immerse the mouthpiece in the hot water for less than twenty seconds to make it soft and pliable. By popping it into your mouth while it is still hot and putting your mouth into position, you can bite down to create a proper moulding of your teeth. This is a really useful process and allows the mouthpiece to be comfortable when you wear it. Once you have the impression completed you just need to put the mouth piece in cold water to set the shape. Be careful of your moulding though, the mouthpieces can only be moulded twice.

A lot of mouthpieces available are not made of this kind of plastic so it’s harder and usually more uncomfortable to sleep with a piece of rigid plastic in your mouth. Not everyone is used to sleeping with something in their mouth and unless you’ve had a retainer before, you probably aren’t used to that either.

snoremedsThe SnoremedsTM Mouthpiece works by pushing your lower jaw forward so that you can allow a better airflow into your throat and lungs. It holds your soft pallet and tongue forward as well which prevents the tongue from falling into the back of your throat like we mentioned earlier. By doing this it keeps the soft pallet and the tongue from vibrating which is what causes the snoring sound as we know it.

This is a proven product with an 85% satisfaction rate. It takes about two weeks to get used to wearing the mouthpiece. After that, you will probably not even notice that you’re using it. It’s really useful in that fact.

The SnoremedsTM Mouthpiece is easy to clean and can be done by using the provided spatula to hold it while you use a toothbrush. Or, alternatively, you can place the mouthpiece in a container or glass and drop in a Polident tablet. Even easier still, you can use a mouthwash to keep it clean. These are all practical and inexpensive methods which are sure to please anyone’s wallet.


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